Cynthia Farahat Interview

Sep 19, 2012

The David Madeira Show September 19, 2012.   Cynthia Farahat, Egyptian Freedom Fighter and Senior Fellow at the Center for Security Policy reveals how the Egyptian regime’s participated in the US embassy attack. Listen to the interview ...

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CBN: Coptic Activist Cynthia Farahat Warns US Women of Sharia Law Threat

Sep 3, 2012

Written by CBN, September 3, 2012 Activists Warn US Women of Sharia Law Threat WASHINGTON –   Activists are now working to shine light on what they call Sharia’s war on women. A vast coalition met in Washington, D.C., Thursday, to warn women of the threat Islamic law would pose to their rights if enacted in the U.S. “Sharia takes an entirely different approach to their rights than would the American Constitution or the Declaration of Independence,” explained Karen Lugo, assistant director of the Center for Constitutional Jurisprudence ( The group’s national public education campaign includes women who’ve been affected by harsh Sharia law. Cynthia Farahat fled Egypt to avoid facing military prison for her human rights work against Islam. “I’m almost here in America on exile for standing up for basic human rights and basic values under Sharia ...

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