PIPES AND FARAHAT: Morsi could discredit Muslim Brotherhood rule

Nov 13, 2012

Washington Times Egyptian president still on shaky ground Earlier this year, most analysts in Egypt  assessed Field Marshal Hussein  Tantawi to be the key figure in that country’s politics and President Mohamed Morsi to be a lightweight. Mr.  Morsi fired Field Marshal Tantawi on Aug. 12. This matters  because Field Marshal Tantawi  would have kept the country out of Islamist hands, while Mr.  Morsi is speedily moving the country in the direction of applying Islamic law. If Mr.  Morsi succeeds at this, the result will have major negative implications for  America’s standing in the region. How did this happen? Field Marshal Tantawi, then  the effective ruler of Egypt, had handpicked Mr. Morsi for president, seeing him as the  safest option, someone who could be manipulated or (if necessary) replaced.  Toward this end, Field Marshal Tantawi instructed the Supreme  Constitutional ...

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