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Since When Does Classified Mean Open to Public?

Aug 27, 2012 by

August 27 2012, on The Frank Gaffney Show on Secure Freedom Radio


With Mark Durie, Cynthia Farahat, Bill Cowan, and Gordon Chang

Australian Vicar MARK DURIE explains the theological aspects of Shariah and jihad with respect to the recent green-on-blue attacks in Afghanistan.


CYNTHIA FARAHAT of the Center for Security Policy talks about the recent uprises in Egypt, the people are no longer happy with the Muslim Brotherhood’s rule.

 Today’s featured guest was Bill Cowan on the need for Operational Security [ 11:14 ] Hide Player | Play in Popup |Download (22)

 You can listen to today’s show here and on our Podbean page [ 53:00 ] Hide Player | Play in Popup | Download(65)

Former SpecOps warrior BILL COWAN explains the need for operational security and how the Obama Administration has been using classified information in order to bolster favorability.

Asian analyst GORDON CHANG talks about how China is expanding their territory and the neighboring countries are turning to the US for defense against this growing aggressor.


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