The Arab Upheaval: Egypt’s Islamist Shadow

Jul 16, 2011

by Cynthia Farahat Middle East Quarterly Summer 2011, pp. 19-24 (view PDF)   Will the Muslim Brotherhood seize power in Egypt? This often repeated question, or rather fear, assumes that the Islamist organization does not already wield power yet may be able to hijack the largely secular revolution owing to its superior organization, tight discipline, and ideological single-mindedness.[1] In fact, this situation already exists. For while the Muslim Brotherhood does not formally or organizationally rule Egypt, it has ideologically controlled the country for nearly sixty years since the overthrow of the monarchy by the July 1952 coup d’état (euphemized as the “July Revolution”). The real question, then, is not whether the Muslim Brotherhood will seize power but whether it will continue to hold it, either directly or by proxy. The Free Officers’ Islamist-Fascist Roots   Notwithstanding some cosmetic measures to ...

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