Egypt: Radicalizing the Political Bargain Part I

Apr 18, 2012

Center for Security Policy | Apr 17, 2012 By Cynthia Farahat In an article for Middle East Quarterly last year, I established the historic and ongoing alliance between the current Egyptian military and the Muslim Brotherhood (MB). While the current military junta and the Mubarak regime before  them have long encouraged the United States to believe a power struggle exists between the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces(SCAF) and the Brotherhood, the real fight for control of Egypt lies elsewhere. In July 2005, the former Supreme Guide of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB), Mahdi Akef publically gave Bay’ia (Islamic oath of loyalty) to Mubarak, and stated in an interview for Egyptian Magazine Akher Sa’a: “We support President Mubarak’s presidential candidacy, and I wish to meet with him.”  This explains why the Brotherhood initially formally declined to join in the January 25, 2011 protest against him. Yasser El-Hodeiby a ...

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