The Rebellion (not coup): My Interview on The David Madeira Show

Jul 9, 2013 by

You Won’t Hear This On MSM!

Listen Here to my interview this morning on The David Madeira Show, a friend and one of our best allies for truth and liberty in the West. We discuss why the current Egyptian mass rebellion is a revolution and not a coup! David contrasts my reports to a previous comment by Mr. James Clapper, DNI Director’s about the Muslim Brotherhood where he referred to it as “a largely secular group.”

He also draws a staggering comparison to the Egyptian situation if it had happened in U.S.A.

  • Chuck Bays

    Cynthia, your interview on the David Maderia Show removed a great deal of misunderstanding for me. I formerly thought this was exclusively a battle of Shiite vs. Sunni only. I was unaware that the Egyptian people are undergoing precisely what American Colonists underwent at the hands of King George in the 1770’s prompting the Declaration of Independence and the American Revolutionary War. The ONLY source of truth about news has to come to Americans from outside America. Obama is hated here. The non-alien, non-communist population recognize that Obama is doing to America what Morsi attempted to do in Egypt. I salute the Egyptian People for their patriotism, courage, and their Revolution. America knows that elections are dead, corrupt, and that Revolution here is THE ONLY SOLUTION. We are out of alternatives. We apologize, in the mean time, for the abomination – Barak Hussein Obama’s treachery in the Middle East. He has the blood of millions of people on his hands. More I can’t say without fear of being arrested in the middle of the night and taken to a FEMA CAMP to be executed.