A Page From My Diary: Notes on Exile

Feb 27, 2013

This is the first personal blogpost I write. I spent the past few days reunited with two of my best friends from Egypt, who visited me after almost two years of separation… many of us were forced out of our homes in Egypt – yet they were not really our homes, as you never actually fully legally or psychologically own anything under tyranny- many of my friends and I are now scattered on 3 different continents, and still no home… Sometimes we envied those who died in battle among us, only to shortly reaffirm our stance, and remember that our victories were worth our losses; our vigilance prevails beyond our despair. Yesterday was our last night together; the three of us were sipping single malt and laughing at ourselves, each other and the world, and one of them paused ...

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“Life As An Activist Woman In Egypt” with Next Generation TV

Feb 16, 2013

To grow up as a woman of Coptic Christian faith in the Muslim heartland of Egypt is to live as a fourth-class citizen. To embrace the mantle of activist in that atmosphere is worse still. Cynthia Farahat knows because that was her life. Now an associate fellow at the Middle East Forum in the United States, Farahat chatted about the trials of her life with Next Generation TV’s Michelle Fields this week, and they have been numerous. Farahat realized as young as age 6 that Egypt under then-President Hosni Mubarek was oppressive. “Being born under a dictatorship, it never feels normal and it never feels usual,” she said. And by her teen years she took an interest in political affairs. Farahat wanted to be an artist, but that was the surest way not to become one in Mubarak’s Egypt. She said ...

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Egyptian Activist Tells Allen West Why the Arab Spring Revolution Was Not A Success

Feb 9, 2013

My interview with Lt. Col. Allen West on Next Generation, PJTV. The Arab Spring began two years ago and was supposed to usher in a new era of democracy in the Middle East. While Egyptians were able to oust Mubarak and install new leadership, can we really call their coup a success? Find out as Col. Allen B. West talks to Egyptian political activist and Middle East Forum associate Cynthia ...

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