Algerian Military’s History of “Dirty War”

Jan 20, 2013

The Algerian bloodbath that left 32 terrorists and 23 captives dead has to be viewed in the light of Algerian history. The Algerian military just like the Egyptian army, is an Islamic military  and not a secular one. The modern Algerian army emerged from the FLN (Front de libération nationale) established in 1954, which is the political wing of the national salvation army that basis its values on Pan Arabism and Islamic socialism. While jihadists and Algerian military definitely have  different methodologies, they don’t have very different ideologies when it comes armed Arab jihad against Western forces, and the situation should be looked in the light of the military’s history and involvement and backing of jihadist elements previously in a Dirty War (1993-1997) just to discredit them, and not be taken at face value as an isolated incident. A BBC ...

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The Muslim Brotherhood, Cairo’s Body Snatchers

Jan 11, 2013

Horrific reports from Cairo prove that not only Muslim Brotherhood (MB) is involved in mass killings, established torture chambers around Egyptian presidential palace, they also established torture chambers in Al-Azhar controlled mosques. But of course, the MB doesn’t stop there, they go as far as attempting to steal corpses of the victims they kill and torture to use their pictures and dead bodies for propaganda purposes to lie and claim that they victims were members of the MB! Here are three documented incidences, out of many: – Al-Nahar TV channel reports that during a conference held by the supreme guide of the MB Mohammed Badei on December 8, 2012. Badei was giving his speech with a picture of a wounded man behind him called Mohammed Faisal, while stating that he is one of the Muslim Brotherhood martyrs! The truth was Faisal ...

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