The Rebellion (not coup): My Interview on The David Madeira Show

Jul 9, 2013

You Won’t Hear This On MSM! Listen Here to my interview this morning on The David Madeira Show, a friend and one of our best allies for truth and liberty in the West. We discuss why the current Egyptian mass rebellion is a revolution and not a coup! David contrasts my reports to a previous comment by Mr. James Clapper, DNI Director’s about the Muslim Brotherhood where he referred to it as “a largely secular group.” He also draws a staggering comparison to the Egyptian situation if it had happened in ...

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Brilliant 12-Year-Old Boy Perfectly Explains Egyptian Political Situation

Jul 8, 2013

This is a MUST WATCH video of a The Brilliant Egyptian 12-year-old Boy, Ali Ahmed  as he explains why he is protesting in Tahrir Square against Mohammed Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood. The young gentleman is articulating the basis of a free constitutional republic that Egypt demands as opposed to “a military regime” or a “fascist theocracy” based on Shariah Law and it’s assault on women’s rights. The bad news is, we can’t lower in the age of presidential candidacy in Egypt to twelve; the good news is that I personally saw thousands of Ali Ahmeds in Tahrir Square in 2011 of every age, race religion and gender. And now Ali represents the 33 million Egyptians that took the streets to overthrow Mohammed Morsi and his international terrorist organization. Ali discusses the political, social and economic demands of Egyptians ...

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Meet The Spiritual Leader of the Egyptian Revolution

Jul 7, 2013

The Egyptian actor, musician and classic liberal secularist dissident Mohammed Noah (1937- 2012); and my best friend … Tahrir Square protestors are currently chanting Noah’s patriotic song, “Madad Madad!” “March March!” as they overthrow and dismantle the largest international terrorist organization in the world, the Muslim Brotherhood. Noah one of the most public popular figures in Egypt. Not the Muslim Brotherhood like the media would like you to believe. Noah lead the first Egyptian delegation that visited Israel in 1970’s. He was a strong advocate of peace, an actor, composer and dissident who defied the three first Egyptian presidents, and was a dissident for secularism, free-market and liberty. President Ronald Reagan, hosted Mohammed Noah twice in the White House during his first visit to America; back in the old days when people like him were popular among U.S. politicians. Noah ...

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Cynthia Farahat on The Black Sphere Radio

Jul 3, 2013

Tonight my buddy Kevin Jackson interviewed me on his Black Sphere Radio Show. We discussed  Egypt’s Independence Day!  And our great victory over the the Muslim Brotherhood, the largest international terrorist organization in the world! Kevin makes discussing Islamists politics fun! Hope you enjoy the interview here! ...

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My talk at Accuracy in Academia

Jun 7, 2013

By Isabel Mittelstadt, June 7, 2013 Providing a perspective of the Arab spring not often covered by the mainstream media, female political activist Cynthia Farahat delivered an informative and thoroughly interesting account of her time growing up and living in Egypt. Speaking to a group consisting largely of D.C. area interns on May 30, 2013, Farahat told of her journey to becoming a political activist in Accuracy in Academia’s first author’s night this year. Her new book, Cognac is part fictional and part autobiographical: it includes some of Farahat’s real-life stories and experiences living in a repressive government,  first under President Mubarak and then under the Muslim Brotherhood as a result of the 2011 Arab Spring. Farahat, heavily critical of both government regimes, said she first began to realize the dangers of Egypt’s government at a young age.  She shared with ...

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Benghazi Terrorists: ‘Dr. Morsi Sent Us’

May 31, 2013

Published in Front Page Magazine  on May 31, 2013 By Cynthia Farahat The terrorist attack in Benghazi is far more disturbing than previously thought. Although it has not been reported in the U.S. media, the possibility exists that the Egyptian government may have played an operational role in the attack. YouTube videos of the terrorist strike raise a serious problem that only an Arabic speaker would detect: some of the terrorists are speaking in the Egyptian dialect of the Arabic language. Indeed, one of the videos shot with a cell phone of one of the attackers emerged around the time four Americans were killed. It shows a mob approaching the American compound under siege, clearly telling the terrorists in the dialect of Upper Egypt: “Mahadesh, mahadesh yermi, Dr. Morsi ba`atna” — which translates to: “Don’t shoot, don’t shoot, Dr. Morsi sent us.” The words “Mahadesh yermi” for “don’t shoot” ...

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